Adrian Gallardo Diaz


LEGO and sandcastles eventually led me to Engineering. Since I studied Engineering (IngenierĂ­a de Caminos, Canales y Puertos) at the University of Granada, I decided to focus on the field I enjoyed the most – Structural Engineering. I should have realized it earlier when my thesis tutor advised me not to invest too much time in small secondary road bridges but rather to focus on the High-Speed Train Infrastructure. It had been there, right in front of me the entire time – I am passionate about structures both design and calculation. I love witnessing how all structural elements connect and work together mechanically. Joining the NOSA family was an amazing move for me, and the opportunity to be part of such an exceptional team.

I find pleasure in quality time with family and friends. I am always active; whether it’s salsa dancing with my partner, escaping into nature, socializing with family and friends, or maintaining fitness through gym workouts or some football or paddle tennis. In quieter moments, I am also an avid enthusiast of a challenging and age-old strategy game known as Magic: The Gathering.

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