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Two men inspired to deliver a superior product

The birth of NOSA

NOSA was founded in 2022 to fill a gap in the market left by the operational departure of Ramboll, and the need to provide agile, reactive, cost effective, and efficient structural and civil engineering consultancy services. Founding Directors Jack Noble and Albano Sanchez have almost 40 years of combined experience of Gibraltar, and by creating NOSA they have been able to bring their passion for sustainable, efficient, and responsible design to the market.

Operating as a family, NOSA cares about Gibraltar and its community and aims to be part of the sympathetic and sustainable development of the Rock and its people.


NOSA’s vision is to create a structural and civil engineering team that will provide clients with an experienced, efficient, consistent, supportive, and reactive approach that will add value, reduce construction cost, and educate where possible. Creating value for our customers, working collaboratively with professional teams, and investing in our talented team reinforces our commitment to excellence.

NOSA aims to achieve this vision on the shoulders of its experienced founders, underpinned with young and enthusiastic local engineering talent. Our local knowledge combined with our strong relationship with key developers, main contractors, members of the Government of Gibraltar, members of the Ministry of Defence and colleagues from other consultancies, will provide the base for NOSA to succeed.

A Structural Engineering consultancy with local Gibraltarian talent makes NOSA unique.


Jack Noble


Running a business responsibly is key to its long-term sustainability: all decisions we make have consequences for society.


Just like any other profession in any other industry, sustainable structural engineering requires engineers and designers to minimize environmental pollution. Everyone at NOSA is committed to achieve structural sustainability in buildings and structural components, not just during the design phase but throughout the life-cycle of the structure.

As engineers, we will take several steps to control the environmental effects of the structural design and improve its value, and will always consider:

  • Improvement in life-cycle performance
  • Specification of recycled materials
  • Use of substitute materials.

NOSA will always consider the technical, environmental, social, economic, and aesthetic aspects of the structure(s) during the design, construction, use, and maintenance stages, to

  • Minimise the incorporated energy in construction materials
  • Minimise on-site waste
  • Minimise energy use of the final construction product
  • Incorporate recyclable and renewable structural materials
  • Maximise the durability of the structural system
  • Conserve the natural habitat before, during, and after the structural construction phase.